Why Reclaim The Language for Social Justice?

What do I mean by the Language for Social Justice?  My definition of the language for social justice is interpreted through the lens of marginalized students.  They are linguistically and culturally diverse students that enter our classrooms and live in our communities.  They start our schools as bilingual students and due to the pressures and the practices of the English-only policies in the schools and in the society, lose their language or are asked through covert and overt messages to leave their languages at the door.  To answer the question of what does language have to do with social justice, I invite you to read these two blog posts I have written.

Language is Power

What Does Language Have to Do with Social Justice?

I invite you to join in the conversation.


Dr. Ruslana Westerlund is the author of this blog.  She has 20 years of experience as an ESL teacher, pre-service and inservice teacher educator, and, most recently, as an education researcher.   

Disclaimer: She works at WIDA and this blog does not reflect the views of her employer.  




One thought on “Why Reclaim The Language for Social Justice?

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  1. Hi! This is a worthy goal for ESL teachers and students and it is beautifully expressed. I can relate to all four teachers. ESL teachers all over the U.S. need to remember that we teach language. Content is important but our job is to teach social and academic language.


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